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Why Study at Melbourne Trades College?

Better Career Outcomes Melbourne Trades College’s government accredited, and internationally recognised courses will help you achieve your career goals. * Melbourne Trades College does not guarantee any job or employment outcomes. Experienced Staff Melbourne Trades College employs experienced, industry-aware teaching staffs who are committed to promoting a culture of learning, achievement and ambition. Many teaching staff also work actively in the fields they teach, are aware of changes in market forces across all industries and are quick to reflect such development in their classes. VET Qualification Vocational Educational and Training is a distinctive style of learning. It teaches practical, trade relevant skills that are highly prized by employers. Assessment is based on achieving competency levels.

 Automotive Specialist Training facility.
Modern facilities and convenient accessible campus.
Provide students with an excellent student learning experience with their first-class learner management system.
Industry experienced vocational trainers and assessors.
Classroom and workshop Facility under one roof.
Strong focus on Student Support and individual student development.
Automotive workshop facility with latest tools and equipment to train students.
Melbourne Trades College’s CEO has automotive industry experience of more than 10 years.
Melbourne Trades College offers courses that have been tailor made to provide in-depth knowledge in automotive mechanical technology.
Melbourne Trades College will make sure that when the students graduate, they are equipped with job ready skills and knowledge.

Premises and Infrastructure

Melbourne Trades College campus is located at 73 Ashley Street Braybrook. The premises is a 9B compliant premises which meets the regulatory standards. The college has developed the following facilities for students and staff.


Melbourne Trades College has 3 spacious furnished ‘sound proofed’ classrooms consisting of natural light, bright LED lighting reverse cycle air conditioning, appropriate classroom furniture for teaching staff and student, technology and equipment for the student to undertake their learning in an ambient and modern environment

Student Resources Centre

Melbourne Trades College’s campus will be equipped with a student resource centre, consisted of a wide-range selection of training manuals, books, magazines and periodicals; newspapers and student photocopy facilities. This resource centre is maintained and updated regularly with appropriate material.

Automotive ‘simulated’ Workshop

Melbourne Trades College has fully equipped commercial automotive workshop with latest technology equipment to provide students with quality learning.  

The Automotive workshop facility simulates a real time, commercial workshop environment. Students will be given varied range of old and late model test vehicles to practise on. Students will have the exposure to State-of-the-art automotive tools, equipment and facilities.

The workshop consists of a dedicated leaning and assessment of: 

  • On ground inspection bays 
  • Vehicle Hoists dedicated for student learning 
  • Tool chests for all four work areas 
  • Ample work bench space 
  • Modern and traditional equipment  
  • Male, female and disability amenities


As you enter Melbourne Trades College reception awaits, which provides a waiting area with comfortable seating. The receptionist will facilitate the borrowing of laptops if required, student services, library management and general enquiries.

Staff Offices and Staff Room

The staff room are air-conditioned and are furnished with appropriate office furniture, workstation, storage space and lockable cabinets for each staff member.

Common area (Recreational area)

Melbourne Trades College has two common areas, one area where we have an open plan setup, where there are workstations with laptops for students use. The second common area is the breakout area, where students will have access to water, kettle, fridge, microwave, tables and chairs for use. 

Also, the common area is for students to relax, meet others, socialise, and even use the charging stations for mobiles and / or laptops. Students will also find information on social activities, rooms available to rent or share, and other general information related to overseas students living in Australia.

Services and Facilities

Orientation Sessions

Many students find life in Australia quite different from life in their home country, so Melbourne Trades College organises orientation day to help students become familiar with Australian culture and customs and to introduce students to its services.

All students are required to attend an orientation information session. This session details many aspects of living and studying in Australia and introduces students to study and life in Australia.

Orientation sessions include information about enrolment, facilities and services available, Australian culture and customs, safety in Melbourne, support provided to students to adjust to study and life in Australia. Orientation sessions are a great way of meeting other students. More information on the topic covered during Orientation is provided in the handbook.

Cost of Living

Australia provides good quality and affordable accommodation. Students will need $21,041per year (excluding tuition) to cover living expenses including accommodation, food, transport, entertainment, clothing, and books.

  • Hostels and Guesthouses – $90 to $150 per week
  • Shared Rental – $95 to $215 per week
  • Homestay – $235 to $325 per week
  • Rental – $185 to $440 per week
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Student Banking

International Students can open a bank account before they arrive in Australia. Most leading banks offer a comprehensive range of personal, business and institutional banking products and services. By choosing a major Australian bank, students can be assured their money is safe; and bank branches, ATMs and other banking services are conveniently accessible.

For further information on how to open a bank account online, simply visit any of the major four banks listed below or one of the smaller banks:

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Education and Childcare

Students who are coming to Australia with family members need to be aware of the costs associated with education and childcare in Melbourne. Students are advised to research the resources available prior to arrival in Australia. The following websites offer detailed information:

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